I'm ready to serve and can draw from three decades of lived expertise with domestic and family abuse/violence, sexual violence, mental health, addiction and complex trauma. I'm well versed in generational mental health, addiction, losing a parent to suicide and living a life by design, following adversity. 

  • Are you and your organisation relentless in the pursuit of social justice?

  • Filled with an enduring duty to create lasting positive changes for marginalised groups and survivors of trauma?

  • Aim to raise social awareness and influence public opinion on social issues that are impacting Australia?

  • Are you lobbying for change without currently including lived expertise or an Advocate you retain on-call?

It was a privilege to be selected as 1 in 10 women to represent DVNSW in the inaugural 'Voices for Change' Project NSW as a Survivor-Advocate in the media for 1.5yrs. Additionally, representing both Domestic Violence NSW & ACON as an 'LGBTIQ Voices for Change' NSW Advocate, spreading awareness of domestic and family abuse within the LGBTIQ community.


  • ​Everybody’s Home Campaign, Homelessness Week

  • Fund Affordable Housing - Domestic Violence NSW 

  • Generation Equality (UN Women) #GenerationEquality - Ambassador

  • Mind Blank #20stories2020 Suicide Prevention Campaign

  • Guardian Early Learning (signs of domestic violence + parent resources)

  • Domestic Violence NSW, OurWatch - Voices for Change NSW

  • Domestic Violence NSW, ACON  - LGBTIQ Voices for Change NSW

If you're pumped to collaborate, I can't wait to work with you!

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